Who will pay UO’s NCAA fine?

11/11/2011: The NCAA investigation of the Kelly / Lyles deal is winding down. Many people expect a settlement this month. Maybe. One likely outcome is self-punishment: UO agrees to limits on players, gives up a bowl game, and pays a fine. Where would the money come from? Kelly’s contract is here, with this clause:

So, Rob Mullens could fine Kelly for the NCAA violations, etc. A day’s pay would be about $20,000, but there’s no upper limit and Kelly would not seem to have much recourse. Will Mullens do this? Probably not his best career move. I’m guessing the athletic department will announce they will pay, and then Jamie Moffitt will find some way to pass the cost off to the academic side.

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One Response to Who will pay UO’s NCAA fine?

  1. Anonymous says:

    She’ll no doubt lobby for a further reduction in the Administration’s 3% Athletics overhead assessment rate to cover this and other related expenses. If this keeps up, there could be a negative overhead assessment rate for Athletics down the road…