"deficient legal representation"

12/9/2011: That’s the memorable phrase from AG Kroger’s investigation of Melinda Grier and the UO’s general counsel office after the Bellotti contract farce. Now Randy Geller, the associate counsel of that office at the time, is about to take full control of your legal representation as a UO employee, student, or volunteer. And of all UO groups such as the Senate and ASUO. He will forbid you from getting outside advice – even pro bono. His rule will even cover President Berdahl, Senate Pres Kyr, and ASUO Pres Eckstein. And as of 1/1/2012 Randy Geller’s new boss will be George Pernsteiner. More here. From the DOJ report:

The background material for this DOJ report is extensive – it cost UO ~$70,000 – but it has never been released. President Lariviere refused to waive attorney-client privilege.

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