Kitzhaber’s education plans

The OEIB website is here, pretty transparent. This is interesting, on local boards, from the 1/3/2011 meeting:

1/3/2011: In all the craziness around the Lariviere firing, I think I missed this 12/1/2011 Betsy Hammond story on the extremely confusing situation involving Kitzhaber’s plans for governance of Oregon education. Raises more questions than it answers:

Oregon plans to recruit and hire a new “chief education officer” who will have unprecedented power over education, including control of the chancellor of higher education, the next superintendent of Oregon’s public schools and the state community college commissioner.

Gov. John Kitzhaber’s new overarching education board, with control over preschool through universities, unanimously endorsed the general job description for that education officer Thursday.

Kitzhaber said he hopes to have the right person in the job by April….

A small group of education advocates, led by Nike government and public affairs director Julia Brim-Edwards and the vice president of the state teachers union, has since spent months fleshing out what the education officer would do and what authority the officer would have.

Based on their work, the 13-member statewide education board, formally titled the Oregon Education Investment Board, plans to ask the Legislature to require the chancellor, the community college commissioner and the executive director of Oregon’s college financial aid agency to answer to the chief education officer. 

Read it all. Kitzhaber’s press release is here. The job description is posted here – I’ll believe it when it shows up in the Chronicle of higher ed job listings.

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