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Laura Hubbard takes Buffalo job.

1/9/2012: We’ve written before about the failed CFO search that led President Lariviere to appoint Jamie Moffitt to the UO job:

Jamie did not go through the same interview process as the regular candidates for this job. Lariviere’s letter says:

Frances Dyke announced in February that she will retire June 30, 2012. As a result, we launched a search for a chief financial officer. That search did not result in a hire. Considering the broad and crucial portfolio of the VPFA, and the failed CFO search, I determined that we cannot afford a pause in leadership in finance and administration. I asked Jamie to serve, and I’m glad she accepted. She will begin in her role as VPFA on Jan. 1, allowing a smooth transition to Frances’ retirement.

Sort of amazing she didn’t insist on some sort of transparency, to ensure at least a little buy in from co-workers and faculty. She did insist on a nice pay package though.

SUNY-Buffalo has now announced they are hiring UO’s AVP Laura Hubbard, the number 2 person in Frances Dyke’s office, as their VPFA. Ms Hubbard had apparently applied for the UO job, didn’t get it, then Lariviere declared the search failed and appointed Ms Moffitt. Moffitt has no experience at this level, and there are rumors of more departures, leaving UO pretty short on senior – or even not so senior –  finance and administration people. On the plus side, Frances Dyke is leaving at the end of June, unless her friend Lorraine Davis uses this as an excuse to keep her on.

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