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More NCAA transparency from Randy Geller

December’s entire bill is $15,441.41. I’m no art history professor, but I think this page has the most aesthetically appealing redactions, though page 2 has a certain stark symmetry.

Per the agreement between UO’s general counsel Randy Geller and CFO Jamie Moffitt, the academic side is on the hook for half the total for Mike Glazier’s cleanup of the Willie Lyles scandal – now $100,527.44. You’d think this would mean we’d be allowed to read at least half the words in his invoice.

When Chip Kelly does good, he gets a cut of the Autzen gate and a bonus. When he does bad, the academic side pays. Now that Moffitt is CFO for the entire UO, instead of just the AD, do you think she’ll start looking out for the academic side? Get with the transparency program? I’m skeptical. But maybe Kelly will send the faculty and students a nice thank you letter for paying his legal bills, like the one he sent Lyles:

PS – Thanks to for his link to this.

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