Pernsteiner still can’t form search committee

1/31/2012: It’s more than 2 months since the OUS board fired Richard Lariviere. Board Chair Matt Donegan told us repeatedly at the Portland meeting that he was confident the board could find a qualified replacement quickly. But Chancellor George Pernsteiner still has not even been able to assemble a search committee. (Though he has hired Kim Morrison and the search firm “Diversified Search”.) We’ve been hearing for 3 weeks now that the committee announcement would be made within a few days. Tomorrow?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Not a surprise. The longer he stalls the more likely there are no strong candidates and no strong UO Pres, so Pernsteiner and Donegan win.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The Search Committee has been named, the media announcement will be released later today.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Search Committee members will include the following representatives from UO’s many constituent groups, including: Miriam Abelson, UO graduate student in Women’s and Gender Studies; Maneesh Arora, UO undergraduate student in Environmental Studies; Miriam Bolton, UO executive assistant, Lundquist College of Business; Frances Bronet, UO dean, School of Architecture & Allied Arts; Eric Clark, UO libraries’ student coordinator and assistant to unit manager; Ben Eckstein, undergraduate student in Planning and Public Policy Management, and president of Associated Students of the UO; Allyn Ford, search chair, and president of Roseburg Forest Products; Dan Giustina, managing partner, Giustina Resources; Michael Hames-Garcia, UO professor of Ethnic Studies; Robin Holmes, UO vice president for Student Affairs; Gregg Kantor, CEO, Northwest Natural Gas Company; Robert Kyr, Phillip H. Knight professor, UO School of Music and Dance; Anne Marie Levis, president, UO Alumni Association, and president & creative director, Funk/Levis & Associates; Gwen Lillis, chair, The Lillis Foundation; Ed Maletis, UO Foundation member; Alec Murphy, UO professor of Geography; Margie Paris, UO professor of Law; Preston Pulliams, president, Portland Community College; Geraldine Richmond, UO professor of Chemistry; Kim Sheehan, professor of Journalism; and Mary Spilde, president, Lane Community College.

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