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  1. Anonymous 02/03/2012

    Blandy – diversity is excellence, 45 min in.

    So we should appoint Martinez instead of Blandy?

  2. Anonymous 02/03/2012

    Altman. Wants to work with our returning provost, Jim Bean, 30 min in. Next!

  3. Anonymous 02/03/2012

    What “next?” There is no “next” except for Blandy, who said very little of substance and is obviously not well prepared for this position. It was painful to watch that performance. And Altmann has no choice but to work with Bean… unless she doesn’t want to get the job.

  4. Anonymous 02/03/2012

    dog says

    I don’t quite understand this process that, in the end, produces 2 mediocre
    candidates that would either be puppets or ill qualified. Certainly there are
    a dozen other internal UO people that have the same qualifications (mediocre/puppet/
    not well prepared)

    why not give us a dozen interviews to evaluate (we, the faculty, might actually give
    a shit about this) rather then giving us only two.

    I therefore agree with the earlier sentiment of the all mighty UOmatters in that
    the provost’s office really doesn’t care what we, the faculty, think. And JH repeatedly
    wonders why the faculty are collectively pissed off and unhappy. duh.

  5. Anonymous 02/03/2012

    I was not convinced that Blandy would change anything or work for greater transparency or equity. And good god, man, lose the institutional jargon.

  6. Anonymous 02/07/2012

    institutional jargon wins!

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