UO improves transparency 100%

3/1/2012: Compare the December and January invoices from Mike Glazier, the NCAA insider lawyer that UO is paying to negotiate the NCAA football infractions settlement. Looks much more transparent when you do the redactions in white, instead of the traditional CIA black.

But the bottom line is the same: the UO administration is charging the academic side half of Chip Kelly and Rob Mullens’s legal fees, but they won’t tell us what is going on or how much we are going to pay to settle their mess. (Whole January invoice here. Seems BSK had screwed up the billing for the last 3 months, and had to refund UO $1,260.)

At this point even the Vatican is more transparent than Randy Geller – if a little slower. The Holy See has now released Martin Luther’s excommunication. With no redactions.

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