Kitzhaber to UO: Drop dead.

Two new OUS board appointees. From Bill Graves in the Oregonian:

James Middleton,  president of Central Oregon Community College, will replace Preston Pulliams,  president of Portland Community College, on the board beginning July 1.

Orcilia Zuniga Forbes,  an experienced higher education administrator who most recently served as vice president of university advancement at Oregon State University, 

Gov. John Kitzhaber appointed both Middleton and Forbes to the board and reappointed Jim Francesconi,  a Portland attorney who has served on the board since 2007, to another term.

In December he appointed a WOU professor as one of two faculty members, the other is from OSU. There hasn’t been a UO person on the board for maybe 5 years – it was Geri Richmond. Kitzhaber does still have two more slots to fill though. 5/23/2012:

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3 Responses to Kitzhaber to UO: Drop dead.

  1. Chicken says:

    I am going to assume this is because Kitzhaber has already decided to give UO full independence, meaning that it would be inappropriate to name any UO people to the OUS board. But just in case, I am going to wear a vial of cyanide around my neck at all times.

  2. Anonymous says:

    So, what’s Kitz’ problem with UO? Did he apply
    to attend UO back in the 60’s and get rejected?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Now THERE’s something to strike for!

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