Board fires president for not raising faculty salaries

Update: As a commenter notes, this post is pretty far off base. More here, I hope more accurate.

Out here in Oregon our state board fires presidents when they *do* raise faculty pay.

UVA Rector Helen Dragas writing on the Board of Visitors’ decision to fire UVA President Teresa Sullivan on a Sunday, less than 2 years into her term:

We have calls internally for resolution of tough financial issues that require hard decisions on resource allocation. The compensation of our valued faculty and staff has continued to decline in real terms, and we acknowledge the tremendous task ahead of making star hires to fill the many spots that will be vacated over the next few years as our eminent faculty members retire in great numbers. These challenges are truly an existential threat to the greatness of UVA.

Quoted here by the always informed Channel 29 news team. Dragas’s explanation is direct, knowledgeable and coherent. Quite a contrast to the nonsense we got from Matt Donegan and the OUS Board when they fired President Lariviere. And yes, I take it as evidence in favor of the New Partnership’s independent UO board proposal. (Thanks to a longtime C’ville insider for the tip.) 6/10/2012.

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  1. Ray Berry says:

    You are totally misinformed! I’m sure UO has some issues with salaries…doesn’t everybody in academia? But your characterization of this particular debacle at UVa is completely erroneous.

    Start here:

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