UO asks state to pay for Duck drug tests

The $2 million that Jim Bean is making regular students pay for the jock box tutoring isn’t enough? David Lieberman has the story in the ODE:

The University of Oregon released on Friday a list of proposed amendments and additions to its current student-athlete drug policy, including implementing random drug tests. Using an Ehrlich test kit and others like it, coaches and school facility members will be able to test students to ensure that they do not have any drugs in their systems.

The rules “emphasize that illicit and performance enhancing drugs are not allowed, provide for random drug testing, outline sanctions for positive drug tests, outline drug testing methods, and encourage self-reporting and treatment for drug use.” …

The amendments and additions will not be enacted until after a public hearing has occurred. The hearing will take place on Aug. 23 at 2 p.m. in the Walnut Room of the EMU.

In order to make these changes a reality, the UO is requesting $35,000 of additional annual funding from the Oregon University System.

The NCAA’s random drug testing rules appear to violate both Oregon law and the sentiment of Oregon voters. A pot legalization referendum just made Oregon’s November ballot, and Nigel Jaquiss of Willamette Week reports that 1/3 of Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum’s campaign donations come from dope growers and their supporters.

Given this, and since good cheap weed and lax testing seems to be an important recruiting tool for the Ducks, I assume all involved know this new policy will vanish as quickly as a bong hit of Purple Kush in a crowded Courtside Apartment living room. Anyway, there are many ways to manipulate hair drug testing so that you pass, so it’s quite hard to know who is and who isn’t taking drugs anymore. Just an attempt by Rob Mullens to convince the NCAA he’s doing all he can legally do. 7/13/2012.

With more and more ways being created to assist people to beat random drug screening tests is there anyway we can really know for sure if someone has legitimately passed a drug screening tests or if they have been online and bought and used something to help them beat the test.

Although none of the methods offer 100% success in beating the urine test there are those that now offer a 99% success rate, that being said it does depend on whether the drug urine test is supervised or unsupervised. To read more about the different types of methods that are now being used to beat drug tests visit ouchclub as they have a wealth of information pertaining to the most current methods.

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  1. Canis Minor says:

    Anyone who believes a drug testing program for all our student athletes can be run for $35,000 as the ODE reports may also believe that the cost of ‘upgrading’ Public Safety’ would cost ‘only’ $78,000 as the former VP for Finance claimed. She was wrong by a factor of 20. I hope this estimate is not wrong by the same degree. Oremus. Canis minor

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