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VPSA Holmes to repay $25,000 RBI contract out of her latest raise

Just kidding – we all know UO’s top administrators never face the consequences of their decisions – that’s for us little people. The student union is stuck with the bill, and the students who supported this for genuine reasons now look like dupes or worse. But FWIW her $40,000 raise from Bob Berdahl in May puts her at $233,000 plus an apparently UO paid family trip to the Rose Bowl – not that I’m jealous. Scott Carlson of the Chronicle of Higher Education has more on the EMU debacle here. Excerpt:

Robin Holmes, vice president for student affairs at the University of Oregon, has led the renovation project. Her office released a statement Friday night, following the meeting.
“We have heard the concerns that the manner of contracting with the communications services firm was a misstep and we agree,” the statement said. ”The UO will not implement all of the recommendations made by the communications firm.” 

Ms. Holmes did not respond to requests for an interview.

So now RBI strategies is a “communications services firm”. And Orwell was a “noted children’s author”. BTW the comments on Bojack are pretty good:

“Now I’m not going to stand here and tell you we didn’t take a few liberties with our academic budgets. We did.”


  1. Anonymous 08/19/2012

    Oh my God!

    Someone in our benighted administration needs to put an end to this idiotic initiative. Pronto. We come across as insensitive to students. What an embarrassment.

  2. Anonymous 08/19/2012

    You forgot to mention her $37,375 VP for Diversity stipend.

  3. Anonymous 08/19/2012

    Now it’s a “communications firm”. And which part of the recommendations will Holmes not use? The bribes? The mischaracterizations of students opposed to this? The win at all cost approach? Better yet, I wish she’d say which part of this sleaze is ok to use.

    I’ll ask again, where are the grown ups? The ones that will stand up and say, “In our zeal to get this passed by students, we screwed up. We went to far. In hindsight, this was clearly a bad idea and a poor message and lesson to our students. I made the call on this and take full responsibilty. As a small attempt to make amends,, I am recommending we institute a $30,000 annual scholarship fund for students wishing to come here and study ethics in politics, education and communication.”

  4. Anonymous 08/20/2012

    Perhaps part of cultural competence is understanding the culture of administrators.

  5. Anonymous 08/20/2012

    When’s her next evaluation? Did she get this raise without one?

    • Anonymous 08/20/2012

      When is her next evaluation–are you kidding? If you are a prof, you are evaluated every term by your students, every year by your dept head/dean. Adm are not evaluated. The dean of CAS has not been evaluated since the early 1970’s. Frohnmeyer was never evaluated in his 1000 years in the position (his predecessor, Miles Brand, asked to be evaluated after three years).

    • Anonymous 08/20/2012

      Anon regular Evans are obviously good for everyone, but some of your statements are factually false. If you care about being accurate in public statements I suggest you check in advance next time you post claims so definitively cheers

    • uo matters 08/20/2012

      It would be helpful to be more specific about what you think is false about this comment, thanks.

  6. Anonymous 08/20/2012

    Dog Says

    Ms. Holmes got an enormous and almost unprecedented retention raise
    – in fact she got this even before she went to VTU for an interview.

    In Spring 2011 her salary was already outrageous at 192K

    the retention raise brings her to 233K

    • Anonymous 08/20/2012

      That’s a lot of money for someone with an unimpressive academic background and bio prior to rising through UO ranks under Frohnmayer.

      And she’s yet another UO administrator who has served here as an administrator for 20 years. The longevity and constant internal hiring among administrators here has got to be a big part of the problem … no outside influence or check on the excesses going on here, a closed culture of insiders in Johnson Hall who just keep patting each other on the back.

      President Gottfredson…please make some personnel changes around here!

    • Anonymous 08/20/2012

      “Dr. Holmes holds a master’s degree and Ph.D. from the California School of Professional Psychology and received her master’s and bachelor’s degrees from California State University, Fullerton.”

      “Alliant International University is a private, non-profit higher education institution based in San Diego, California. The university is also known synonymously as Alliant or AIU. It offers programs in six California campuses (San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, Irvine, Sacramento and Fresno) and three international campuses in (Mexico City, Tokyo,and Hong Kong ). Its enrollment is approximately 5,200 students, of whom 95% are post-graduate.”

      “Alliant was formed in 2001 by the combination of two older institutions: the California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP) and United States International University (USIU). Like the institutions that it descended from, Alliant has its home campus in San Diego, California.”

      There are five campuses of this program in California; none is ranked higher than #173.

      Rankings of clinical psychology programs:

    • Anonymous 08/20/2012

      Yep. And California School of Professional Psychology as an institution dated all the way back to 1969 (same year as Woodstock).

  7. Anonymous 08/20/2012

    This is all very funny, but Mike Gottfredson needs to fire Robin Holmes for this, pure and simple.

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