Gottfredson cuts drug remark from his Senate speech

10/18/2012: He read it from a script, so why not just post the whole document? Instead his office has put up an edited version, with more platitudes and less content:

President addresses UO Senate – and perfection. 

Some of Winston Smith’s Dave Hubin’s finer work.

UO’s new drug policy gives the athletic department the power to revoke a student’s scholarship for a single failed pot test. Gottfredson’s statement that this is an administrative, not an academic matter is at 15:30. He then credits *Berdahl* with agreeing to postpone discussion – but not implementation – until school was in session. Does he really not know how hard the faculty had to push to make that happen? The editorial in the RG was just part of it – Geller threatened faculty with a defamation lawsuit over our efforts. What has Gottfredson done to stop Geller from this bullying? Nothing.

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4 Responses to Gottfredson cuts drug remark from his Senate speech

  1. Anonymous says:

    UOM, you’ve just moved me to re-read Geller’s letter to Kyr and McWorter. The curly font is my favorite.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Please, Sir. Where can I publish have published offensive and defamatory comments? I’d like my own Geller letter.

  3. Anonymous says:

    After Lariviere I’m willing to give up on the excitement for a while. But this guy seems to have no substance either. What a waste of Senate time.