No UO Faculty Satisfaction

10/29/2012: Johnson Hall *really* doesn’t give a shit what the faculty think, so they simply opted out of the OUS survey on faculty satisfaction:

And they honestly wonder why “their faculty colleagues” voted to unionize? Later in the docket for the Nov 1 meeting the issue of evaluations of university presidents comes up: faculty input will not be encouraged.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, I’m sure that’s why they opted out. They didn’t want to hear what faculty think. It is clear why faculty unionized – to be the Rutgers (or PSU) of central Oregon, right?

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  2. Anonymous says:

    You must be able to get these in bronze. The perfect provost’s retirement gift.

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  3. Anonymous says:

    Wow! Why don’t they just mount a giant middle finger right on top of Johnson Hall?!?

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  4. UO M says:

    I think Dr. Pernsteiner meant exactly what he wrote:

    Noun: A polite expression of praise or admiration.
    Verb: Politely congratulate or praise (someone) for something.
    Synonyms: noun. praise – flattery
    verb. congratulate – felicitate – praise – commend – laud

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  5. Anas clypeata says:

    I know this makes me That Guy, but really, “should be considered as a *compliment* to annual reviews”?

    [sic, sic, sic].

    Somebody needs an editor. Or a dictionary. Or an English teacher. Do they still make any of those things?

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