OUS gives up on monitoring Duck finances – will Gottfredson?

Last fall the OUS board published this breakdown of Duck athletic finances:

The UO Athletics working capital as of June 30, 2011 was a negative $2.6 million, a decrease of $1.1 million from the prior year. The UO Athletics ended FY2011 with negative working capital and is not in compliance with the Board’s directives relating to deficits. The UO Athletics continues to operate without any direct institutional support.

That was a bold claim about institutional support, often made in the past by Rob Mullens and Jamie Moffitt, but more recently disavowed by UO after news stories about the $2 million Jock Box tutoring subsidy, overhead rate manipulations, Mac Court rents, and so on. And now we learn the academic side is giving them large interest free loans for working capital – while Knight’s legacy fund sits at the foundation, earning interest for the jocks to funnel to higher coach salaries or their new golf course.

Is new Pres Mike Gottfredson going to make the athletic department come clean this year? They’ve already postponed the discussion of finances with the Senate IAC. So I asked the Duck’s new AAD for Finances, Eric Roedl, for a copy of the new OUS report:

From: Eric Roedl
Subject: RE: athletic dept cash balances Date: October 26, 2012 4:18:20 PM PDT

[UO Matters],

Per our business affairs/controller’s office, the OUS is not compiling this report anymore beginning with FY12.

Thanks, Eric

How convenient. Go Ducks! 10/27/2012.

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