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Neighbors fight UO golf course

11/16/2012: Greg Bolt has the story in the RG on the efforts of a group of UO alums to use tax deductible contributions to build a golf course for themselves and the Ducks. How does this relate to our academic mission? Meanwhile the athletic department has not said a word about any of this to the UO Senate Intercollegiate Athletics Committee.

11/172012 update: John Paul of the WSJ explains how this scam works in Oklahoma thanks in part to T. Boone Pickens:

College sports doesn’t get much plusher than playing golf for Oklahoma State. The Karsten Creek golf facility, a few miles off campus, features a rolling, wooded, difficult, 7,407-yard Tom Fazio course, expansive practice grounds, both indoors and out, with all the latest technology, a $4.5 million clubhouse and luxurious, six-bedroom lodges where visiting alumni can stay. Most remarkable of all, the entire 650-acre complex is owned not by the university but in effect by the golf team. Karsten Creek, which opened in 1994, was built and is still owned by a charity whose sole purpose is to benefit the men’s and women’s golf teams. 

Faculty, staff, other students? They can’t play unless they pay a deliberately outrageous $300 green fee or are the guests of the limited number of local and national members. “We like having a few successful grown-ups around as members so the team will have role models,” said Mike McGraw, the men’s golf coach.


  1. Anonymous 11/17/2012

    By the time a project sees the light of day, it’s already a done deal.

  2. Anonymous 11/20/2012

    UO Leaders. Successful? Yes. Grown ups? Hardly.

  3. Mike Parksons 11/23/2012

    It’s a good thing that the use of the golf course benefits the men’s and women’s golf teams, but is not it too much for $300 green fee? I surely can support in other ways.

    Mike – rents and delivers golf clubs in Fort Lauderdale

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