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Chip Kelly to leave UO for Eagles, Mullens to pay off overhead bill.

12/1/2012: That’s the rumor from the coaches’ hot tub. If true, Kelly’s contract requires him to pay UO $2.5 million. VPFA Jamie Moffitt will make sure this goes directly to the academic side, to cover the AD’s 3 years of overhead underpayments, and reimburse our students for half this year’s Jock Box costs. Right, Jamie?

If Kelly leaves soon enough, he might even avoid having Rob Mullens dock his pay for the costs we’ve had to pay for the Willie Lyles investigation, and any NCAA fines:


  1. Anonymous 12/02/2012

    Dog says

    yeah its either Philly or Carolina that would hire
    kelly because Vick/Newton could probably run the spread – although I doubt that offense works in the NFL.

  2. Anonymous 12/02/2012

    The hot tub water must be getting too hot for the Chipper. These guys usually move on to the NFL when the NCAA is about to pull the plug on their program due to serious violations. Just look what Pete Carroll at USC did when the NCAA came knocking. Carroll jumped the USC ship for the Seattle Seahawks…

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