Public records meeting, this Tuesday 9AM

in the Johnson Hall Conference room. This is the administrative group Dave Hubin set up to try and justify Berdahl’s decision to revoke Lariviere’s transparency efforts. Dave had told me the meetings would be open, but must have forgot to add me to the email list. It’s not really open if you don’t know where and when it is! I only found out about it because I happened to ask this morning. Thanks Dave.

Not clear if Randy Geller’s redaction problem will be on the table, but the DA’s ruling should be out soon. Meanwhile, things in JH have gotten so bad that Geller and Hubin have tried to refund the excessive fees they’ve been charging me – with redacted scotch. 

So who else is on Hubin’s team?

Barbara Altmann, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

Dietrich Belitz, Professor, Physics

John Bonine, Professor, Law

Julie Brown, Senior Director of Communications

Stuart Chin, Professor, Law School Dean designee

Tim Gleason, Journalism Dean

Laura Hinman, ASUO President

Dave Hubin, Chair and Convenor

Renee Irvin, Associate Dean for Finance, AAA; Associate Professor, PPPM

Orca Merwin, Contracts Specialist, Sponsored Projects Services

Jennifer O’Neal, University Historian and Archivist, UO Libraries

Allie O’Connor, Contracts Manager, Purchasing and Contracting Services

Craig Pintens, Sr. Assoc. A.D. for Marketing & PR, Athletics

Kim Sheehan, Professor, Journalism & Communication

Greg Stripp, Associate VP for Administration, Finance and Administration

Lisa Thornton, Public Records Officer, Office of Public Records

Jaime Tryon, Transfer Articulation Specialist, Registrar’s Office

Some of these people have lots of experience stalling public records requests, I wonder if any of them have ever actually made one?

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4 Responses to Public records meeting, this Tuesday 9AM

  1. Anonymous says:

    That’s the ticket! Stick to what you know!

    • Anonymous says:

      Your Christmas present from Harangue Long! Delivered at home, of course.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Bill me a river. The money you’re making Mssrs. Long & Har would buy you an interest in Laphroaig.

  3. Awesome0 says:

    If the scotch is redacted, does that mean Mormons can drink it??