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Bean rumor

Internet chatter has it he’s a finalist for the president’s job at a midwestern engineering college. Div III, so it seems like a good outcome for all concerned. 1/7/13.


  1. Anonymous 01/08/2013

    Dog Says

    I guess UO matters likes to tease us. One school that fits the profile that UO matters described is Carnegie Mellon. I regard CMU as one of the best schools in the Nation. Its hard to believe
    that Bean would be seriously considered for that
    “midwest, Div III school, with an engineering program”

  2. Anonymous 01/08/2013

    I don’t care where he goes, so long as he goes. (Would also be nice not to have to foot the golden parachute bill.)

    • Anonymous 01/08/2013

      no, No, NO, NO!

      This is the time when we start writing comments like

      “Second only to his skill at fundraising would be Dr. Bean’s obvious enthusiasm for undergraduate education. While his accomplishment’s at UO have been many, everyone on campus has been impressed by his constant emphasis on promoting the highest quality undergraduate teaching. Also noteworthy have been his efforts to leverage his many connections in business, and particularly engineering, to promote mentorship opportunities for our students after graduation.”

    • UO Matters 01/08/2013

      Exactly. There’s a UO Matters cup for whoever posts the best recommendation for Bean for a job as college or university president. The above is pretty good.

    • Anonymous 01/09/2013

      “One of Provost Bean’s many impressive accomplishments was keeping UO’s administrative costs at an almost unbelievable 38% of our peer institutions.

      He invested the extra funds in hugely profitable outreach programs in Bend and Portland, as well as hiring a pioneer in online learning as UO’s first Presidential Chair. The resulting “Obaverse” project has brought in millions in new money and national recognition to UO.”

    • Anonymous 01/09/2013

      Dog’s Turn

      Provost Bean is a brilliant academician with vision, passion and commitment. Bean recognizes that higher education must be fluid and ready to rapidly respond to changing real world conditions in order to offer and undergraduate curriculum that is relevant to real world. Under his leadership, interdisciplinary programs have flourished, the role of undergraduate research has greatly risen leading to hundreds of published peer-review research
      papers by those undergraduates. Bean has systematically revised our graduation program by offering many versions of a “professional masters” (a certification more rigorous than a regular masters program, often done in partnership with local business/industry, and not requiring the dissertation that involves the PHD). These masters programs are also largely interdisciplinary and oriented towards real world problems such as global justice, models of decision making, and the science/policy interface.

      Bean’s vision is singularly spectacular in this regard as his innovative force competed strongly with academic stagnation. It takes a real leader to overcome that inertia. He is also a brilliant tactician when it comes to negotiation and structuring budgets to achieve a mostly zero waste implementation. He is extremely well liked by faculty and is constantly available to them. He is also
      an extremely fair administrator and considers all aspects of campus academia to be equally important (except for those yahoos in Econ).

      In sum, Provost Bean creates the necessary void in Higher Education vision with aplomb, diplomacy, fairness and competency. The UO will mostly like simply collapse into an institution of endless mediocrity should he leave. While we applaud your efforts to recruit him, we have Phil Knight on our side …

    • Anonymous 01/09/2013

      Jim Bean has collaboratively expedited world-class content while holisticly fabricating market-driven storage. In addition, he completely formulated ubiquitous best practices and enthusiastically exploited best-of-breed synergy. He will serve any institution he goes to by continuing to objectively matrix principle-centered action items and completely fostering distinctive catalysts for change.

      In short, Jim Bean knows just how to dynamically maximize low-risk high-yield action items.

    • Search Committee Chair 01/10/2013

      I’d like to thank the commenters for their recommendations, which have been very useful to our committee’s work.

      We are wondering how you would rate Provost Bean on the vision thing. Is he a man with big ideas? And, if so, how many?

    • Anonymous 01/10/2013

      Why yes he is a man of big ideas. 5, exactly. No less, no more.

    • Anonymous 01/10/2013

      Yes, and each big idea has generated additional funding for our schools and colleges.

  3. Anonymous 01/08/2013


  4. Anonymous 01/08/2013

    I have received more UO ALERT! messages today than I have Beangrams in the last two years. A victory for transparency!

  5. Awesome0 01/08/2013

    I think Uomatters needs to do some serious redacting on every post ever mentioning Bean, effective until he’s granted tenure at the other University.

  6. Anonymous 01/08/2013

    Obviously the Midwest institution in question has yet to receive internet.

  7. Anonymous 01/08/2013

    I guess if we got two VP’s from Indiana, we should give one Provost back.

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