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Updated: Gottfredson shills for Duck Felony Bowl junkets

Update: Thompson has posted slightly less embarrassing video and still photos here, presumably in an attempt to document the junket if the IRS starts poking around.

1/3/13: This video is as sad as higher education can possibly get. This event was set up to justify bowl game junkets for our UO administrators, and presumably orchestrated by VP for Enrollment Roger Thompson.

Empty tables, no visible parents or prospective students, and no one is paying the slightest bit of attention to President Gottfredson. The link to the “Around the O” video is here. I pray to God whoever runs that site deletes this embarrassment soon.

What do you think AD Rob Mullens will expect the academic side to pay for next, in return for these free vacation trips for UO’s “Executive Leadership Team”? Jock Box tutoring? Underground arena parking? Rent for Mac Court? Loans for baseball – oh right, we’re already paying for all that shit. How about a tax-deductible golf course / for profit real estate investment?

The backstory on why Thompson and Gottfredson are going through this pathetic charade is here. Yes, of course I’ve got a public records request in, and an archive of the video here.


  1. Anonymous 01/03/2013

    Holy shit. What an embarrassment. We’re here on a very special occasion? To meet you?

  2. Anonymous 01/03/2013

    This is why keeping faculty in the dark is their strategy of choice. When they reveil anything it can’t pass the smell test. (I assume that these are the best images they could come up with? Maybe no… stay tuned for contemplative parents… close ups for sure.)

    The President’s office should know better than to release this. Keep us in the dark Mike. Let’s have a fair fight.

  3. Anonymous 01/03/2013

    He could learn a lesson or two in marketing from B-School Dean
    “Kees” De Kluyver.

    • Anonymous 01/04/2013

      Perhaps the most embarrassing thing I’ve read from a UO administrator in the last several years is this joker’s plan to improve the business school by raising tuition. Lot’s of competition, however.

  4. Anonymous 01/03/2013

    Why is it called the “Felony Bowl”? I don’t understand.

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