NCAA and O’Fallon find "lack of institutional control"

The University of Oregon’s NCAA Faculty Athletics Representative, James (Jim) O’Fallon, talks about the violations in the New York Times:

Taken as whole, said O’Fallon, they presented a “lack of institutional control.” … The amount of money was not so much an issue as was the fact that there appeared to be a consistent pattern, he said, adding, “These are very serious violations.”

Oh wait, that’s from 1993, and he’s talking about a few players getting free meals and a loan at UW. Never mind.

Here at UO it’s 2013, almost two years since Chip Kelly paid Willie Lyles $25,000 to recruit Seastrunk et al. and then cheated him out of another $25,000. Kelly’s gone, and Lyles is working for minimum wage in a Houston grocery store. But Jim O’Fallon is still UO’s NCAA FAR, still has never been reviewed by the faculty, and still will not explain the infractions or the penalty negotiations with the NCAA to the UO Senate Intercollegiate Athletics Committee. The charge of which says:

As part of its function and in order to carry out its governance function, the IAC shall be consulted by: … 3. The faculty athletics representative about all ongoing investigations and major violations.

Sure sounds like “loss of institutional control” to me, Jim.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Love this. Well, maybe I hate it. It’s one or the other, though… I know that much.