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Update: Watch Donegan give Pernsteiner $300K in student tuition money

1/28/2013: Pernsteiner’s buy out deal is here, courtesy of OUS Board Secretary Charles Triplett – no fee this time, though it’s going to cost the students plenty:

Word from the recently dedicated Lariviere Smoking Lounge down at the UO faculty club is that the state Audits Division may be looking into how Pernsteiner has been accounting for some of those past “professional development expenses”.

1/27/2013: The OUS board meeting on his golden parachute is 10AM Monday, live-streaming here. But rumor around the faculty club snookers table is that Paul Kelly and Matt Donegan are going to do the deal in the men’s room, as usual. Here’s their last effort. Charles Triplett refused to post the video on the OUS minutes website – but UO put it on youtube:


  1. Anonymous 01/28/2013

    Disclosure: OUM is Diderot’s nephew.

  2. Anonymous 01/28/2013

    He never did anything to me it’s true, but I once played a most shameless nasty trick on him, and the moment I did it, I immediately hated him for it. – F.D.

  3. Anonymous 01/28/2013

    300k is going to buy a lot of steak knives.

  4. Anonymous 01/28/2013

    This was his acknowledgement of the impossibility of changing a man’s convictions by words, and his recognition of the possibility of everyone thinking, feeling, and seeing things each from his own point of view…The difference, and sometimes complete contradiction, between men’s opinions and their lives, and between one man and another, pleased him and evoked from him an amused and gentle smile. – Tolstoy

  5. Anonymous 01/28/2013

    ‘Ah dark garden, dark garden, with your olives and your wine, your medlars and mulberries and many almond trees, your steep terraces ledged high up above the sea, I am leaving you, slinking out.’ -D.H. Lawrence

  6. Anonymous 01/28/2013

    Teaching at PSU, where he holds tenure, after a long sabbatical is more likely.

  7. Anonymous 01/28/2013

    He sat in the middle of his own consciousness; none of his former states of mind were lost or outgrown. They were all within reach of his hand, and all comprehensible. W. Cather

  8. Anonymous 01/29/2013

    Any truth to the rumor he’ll get a PSU professor job after this paid year off is over?

  9. Anonymous 01/29/2013

    My two cents. One look at the separation agreement (or even the fact that there is a separation agreement) indicates that the resignation was not voluntary. That cuts against getting any job with PSU or any other OUS institution. Also note that Pernsteiner was in DC when he signed the agreement (faxed from a Holiday Inn in downtown DC). What’s he up to in DC?

    • Anonymous 01/29/2013

      That is not true. Lariviere was fired but still a tenured member of the UO faculty.

    • Anonymous 01/29/2013

      This seems different. Read Section 5.3 of the separation agreement. He’s relinquishing all employment rights, with no apparent reservation of rights.

  10. Anonymous 01/29/2013

    Pernsteiner had no market power when he put this together or this would have been much more generous. Lousy severance, really.

    • UO Matters 01/29/2013

      $344K in salary, plus maybe $16K in COBRA. They only had to pay him $290K. Yup, pretty shabby compared to the deal he gave Frohnmayer.

  11. Anonymous 01/29/2013

    Any (now one-time) compensation to Pernsteiner comes at Oregon taxpayer expense, not students’. Tuition stays here. The new board, however, will cost “several hundreds of thousands of dollars” (according to Gottfredson’s DE interview) and that will cost the students every year, in perpetuity.

    • UO Matters 01/29/2013

      Money’s fungible, so unless the state’s going to pay this out of some special fund students will end up footing the bill. Point taken about the cost of a UO board though. UO already has a few well paid government affairs types, but I’m sure care and feeding of an independent board will require more. On the other hand, there are likely to be some benefits to independence!

    • Anonymous 01/29/2013

      It won’t be the government affairs types. It will be all the other types employed by the Chancellor’s Office. Maybe you can kick in a few bucks from cup and button sales.

  12. Anonymous 01/29/2013

    Who will be appointed Acting Chancellor?

  13. Anonymous 01/29/2013

    Neil Goldschmidt?

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