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Central / executive admins and regular OA’s

3/25/2013. It’s been brought to my attention that I’ve been a bit too loose with the “UO’s administrators are overpaid” meme. There are a lot of UO OA’s that are certainly not fattening up at the Johnson Hall trough, and I apologize for lumping them together. Today the Chronicle published new data on salaries for university professionals. Full database here, and a snippet, just to remind people that we depend on the work lot of OAs who are not getting rich off UO:

For comparison, the file on comparator pay for the types on interim Provost Bean’s org chart is here. I’ll put together a comparison with UO pay in a week or so, meanwhile here’s a snippet:


  1. IdiotForABoss 03/26/2013

    UO Business (maybe an average business school…probably below):
    Dean = $335,000
    Associate Dean 1 = $202,000
    Associate Dean 2 = $197,312

    Avg. Business School Dean = 294,000

    And the admin wonders where we can find money to pay faculty competitive salaries? Start looking under rocks – it’s there.

  2. OA 03/27/2013

    Thanks UO Matters. We OAs down in the trenches appreciate it.

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