Update 2: In life, timing is everything

3/4/2013 update: NSF sends out “Dear Colleague” letter on funding for Obama’s new neuroscience initiatives.

Update: Vote of no confidence in Espy can take place as soon as the 3/13 Senate Meeting. List of Senators is here. Not many scientists, I suggest talking those Senators you know in other departments.

I will try an arrange an informational meeting for faculty and senators prior to the Senate vote, should it come to that. Tentative time: 5:30 PM, Monday 3/11, place TBA.

I may also invite Espy. Let me know in the comments or by email if you are interested in attending this. Jim Bean was supposed to organize public discussions on the problems in the VPRI office – but then Bean was supposed to do a lot of things that never got done.


2005-2011: From the CV Espy gave UNH when applying there.

Associate Vice Chancellor for Research UNL’s total research awards have increased 181% since 2000 to $139.2M for FY2010, the 12th largest gain among AAU schools. Since 2005, I have been directly responsible for large-scale interdisciplinary efforts and strategic initiatives, faculty development, and research compliance. In this role, I work closely with Vice Chancellor for Research & Economic Development (P. Paul) and his team on all matters, including budget, policy, planning, administration, facilities, communication, and economic development. 

April 2011: VPRI Kimberly Espy is hired by Jim Bean from Nebraska, and charged with keeping UO in the AAU by increasing external science funding and UO research. Previous VPR Rich Linton was paid $186K, Espy is getting $295K.

May 2011: The AAU kicks Nebraska out for low research funding, the first university ever told to leave. Espy had been their Associate VP for Research equivalent for the preceding 6 years.

May 2012: Espy botches hire of a senior fMRI imaging neuroscientist for UO.

June 2012: Espy messes with retention offers for two professors in neuro and biology working with transgenic mice. Both reluctantly leave. One goes to Kavli, gets a large R01 a few weeks later. The other takes his two large grants with him to UVa.

October 2012: Espy grandstands at opening ceremony for LISB, taking credit for years of groundwork by UO faculty and administrators.

February 2013: President Obama uses State of the Union address to unveil a 10-year $3 billion brain-mapping initiative, to be based on, yes, techniques from fMRI imaging and transgenic mice. Bittersweet news to ION and IMB.

March 2013: Junior faculty sent out to do the recruiting are told “I’d love to work with you, but the word is out that you’ve got an administration problem. Well, we’ve got a VPR with a vision, and understanding and respect for faculty and their work. How about you come here, instead?” Actually, this is already happening.

March or April 2013: Gottfredson fires Espy, or the UO Senate holds a televised no confidence vote where she can explain her view of things.

May 2013: AAU meets to vote on kicking UO out of the AAU.

Espy’s hand picked advisory board:

Name Email Department Rank
Patricia Dewey pdewey@uoregon.edu Arts and Administration Associate Professor
Ron Mitchell rmitchel@uoregon.edu Political Science Professor
Josh Snodgrass jjosh@uoregon.edu Anthropology Associate Professor
Joe Stevens stevensj@uoregon.edu EMPL Professor
Miriam Deutsch miriamd@uoregon.edu Physics Associate Professor
Brendan Bohannan bohannan@uoregon.edu Biology Professor
Laura Lee McIntyre llmcinty@uoregon.edu School Psychology Associate Professor
Andrew Nelson ajnelson@uoregon.edu Management – LCB Assistant Professor
Jim Hutchison hutch@uoregon.edu Chemistry Professor
Brook Muller bmuller@uoregon.edu Architecture Associate Professor
Lynn Fujiwara fujiwara@uoregon.edu Ethnic and Women’s Studies Associate Professor
Adell Amos aamos@uoregon.edu Law Associate Professor
Ed Kame’enui ekamee@uoregon.edu CTL – COE Professor
Dana Johnston adjohn@uoregon.edu Geological Sciences Professor/CAS Assoc. Dean


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