Research Advisory Panel (RAP) Report to the Provost

Several people have now sent me copies of this, thanks. It was written after a multitude of complaints about how VP for Research Kimberly Espy was handling her job, and concern over the consequences for UO’s research mission and our efforts to stay in the AAU.

The authors are 3 very well respected UO faculty PI’s, there was a lot of input from others, and a lot of drafts and back and forth. This final version has sat on Bean’s desk since he got back from the Fiesta Bowl. A snippet:

Given its importance to UO’s efforts to stay in the AAU I’ve posted the part of the report with 7 specific recommendations here. I’m leaving out the background material though. That part is very blunt, and I think making it public might discourage future honest discussion.

For the Potemkin Village view of UO’s research situation, check out this Around the O report. Word has it that Espy closed the event with a rousing rendition of “Mighty Oregon”. Comments welcome. 2/1/2013.

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