VP for Research budget (updated with UO submissions and awards)

3/30/2013. Comments welcome. Between 2008 and 2013:

  • F and A (indirect) from grants increased from $14.7M to $17.2M, or 17%.
  • The VP for Research Office admin salary budget increased from $450K to $1.14M, or 153%.
  • ORSA’s salary budget increased from $787K to $1.7M or 116%.

VP for Research Office administrative budget for 2012-2013:

2007-08 (5 years ago):

ORSA 2012-13:

ORSA 2007-08:

Here’s a comparison of UO and OSU research funding – UO’s is flat.

UO’s ORSA reports are available here. (Thanks to X for the link – these are very informative, the 2012 report has a lot of historical info.) Submissions and awards look like this:

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