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Redding leaves the building

From “Around the O”. Redding was the architect of the New Partnership Plan and a very important figure in the independent board proposal going through the legislature now:

Michael Redding, vice president of university relations at the University of Oregon, announced today (March 7) that he has accepted a position at the University of Illinois, Chicago. He will begin his new job April 30.

Which would seem to explain this:

“Gottfredson removed a thorn from UO’s side, and is now going to stick it in our eye.” That’s a colleague’s response to the rumor that Bean’s new assignment will be interfacing with the UO Board, if the NPPB goes through. 

Bean’s got a lot of tit-for-tat experience with Moseley, he’s already sunk a ton of money into suits, and he’s got a better disposition than, say, Tim Gleason. So I wouldn’t discount this entirely. A cheaper  outcome would be for Phil Knight’s lobbying firm to use some of the $450,000 they are sitting on and get him off the UO payroll.

Whatever happens, you can count on Jim Bean figuring out how to make the UO Board plan pay off for himself, and the faculty and university be damned. 3/8/2013.


  1. Anonymous 03/08/2013

    Great guy (Not Redding)

    • Anonymous 03/12/2013

      Why have Redding and Bean in the same article? In the post above, meant Redding IS a good guy and it was not Redding posting the statement.

  2. Anonymous 03/08/2013

    Your characterization of Jim Bean’s motives would be defamatory, except it’s so, uh, true.

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