Some people would be ashamed …

to spend their time enforcing the NCAA’s rules against giving the athletes “impermissible benefits”, given all the cash they bring in for the cartel, coaches and athletics directors. Other people have no shame, like UO’s “Faculty Athletics Representative” Jim O’Fallon:

NCAA enforcer Jim O’Fallon NCAA player, kicked off team for selling music

O’Fallon helped write this infractions report penalizing USM for, among other things, letting a coach pay half the cost of a day of skin-diving for his tennis players:

Another NCAA rule is even more egregious: players can’t sell anything with their likeness attached to it. Not even their own music on iTunes, for 99 cents a song. Why? Because the NCAA *owns* its players – including the gentleman on the right, above. 2/18/2013.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Unrelated to the post, do you think that desk lamp behind O’Fallon would be interested in Bean’s job? I like the cut of its shade.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What is our FAR’s position on slavery and indentured servitude? Oh wait, never mind. I figured it out.

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