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Update. Bean divestiture committee meets

4/25/2013: Word down at the faculty club Jai Alai court is that Gottfredson is going to appoint an interim provost soon, without jumping through any of the Senate hoops. Just how Bean got the job. Presumably Doug Blandy is the man – because UO has no standards:

4/23/2013: Sami Edge has the story in the ODE. On March 13 the UO Senate voted unanimously for this:


For the interim search, the goal is to quickly identify a short list of candidates and forward it to the University President. The University President will consult with the PSC, the Senate Executive Review Committee, and the FAC, taking into consideration the principles detailed below. 

The University President and the PSC shall seek and accept nominations. The expectation is that these will be internal candidates, however external candidates may also be considered. After receiving nominations and confirming that the nominees are interested in serving, the President and the PSC will ask for statements and conduct interviews as they see fit. The PSC shall consult with the President and identify at least three finalists. 

Each finalist should prepare a written public statement, meet with the FAC and the Senate Executive Committee, and give a public presentation to the university community on the current challenges facing the university and its future direction. Each presentation will include an open Q and A session. Following the interview process, the PSC shall solicit feedback on the candidates from the university community. 

The PSC will then forward a ranking of the finalists with detailed commentary and recommendations to the University President.

But I haven’t heard a peep about the interim search. Anyone?


  1. Anonymous 04/26/2013

    Gottrefdson is an slothful ass. Fact check that, Ms. Altmann.

  2. Anonymous 04/26/2013

    Burn baby burn…

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