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HB3120 makes HECC boss of UO, guts OUS

Legislative website on the bill hereBetsy Hammond has the story in the Oregonian:

If the Legislature approves the bill, this year will be the last that lawmakers get to decide how much money goes to the four-year universities, how much to community colleges and how much to financial aid. Under the plan, the Legislature would make a single allocation to higher education, and the HECC would decide how to divvy it up.

UO’s new Board of Boosters will report directly to the HECC, which will be responsible for approving tuition increases above 5%, and will have control of degree programs and “university governance.” The board will supervise all of Oregon’s universities and community colleges and financial aid. If I’m reading the current draft correctly, it will have just one faculty member on it. 4/14/2013.

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