Montana State decertification vote results due 4/16

4/1/2013: Note that this vote is only about their TTF union. From Carl Straumsheim in

Faculty members at Montana State University could next month vote to end a four-year experiment with unionization, stripping the American Federation of Teachers and the National Education Association of a hard-won chapter at a research university. …

“They’ve been here for four years. They’ve achieved nothing significant,” said Bennett Link, a professor of physics who is leading the effort to decertify the union. “They claim things that they didn’t do, and this doesn’t really inspire a feeling of confidence in the union.” 

The sole contract negotiated so far by the union grants faculty members a 1 percent raise the first year and 2 percent the next along with flat $500 bonuses. … 

Still, those raises have been dented by union dues. Union leaders said they initially thought dues would be capped at 1.3 percent of faculty members’ salaries, but after transitioning to the local union’s dues structure, faculty members now have to pay a flat fee of $631.

MSU union website here, decertification website here.

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