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UO Foundation and Gottfredson power grab

Last updated on 03/19/2015

“UO Foundation resists compromise to include faculty on proposed independent governing boards”From Saul Hubbard in the RG. They’re using money donated to UO to pay Ginny Lang, the lobbyist who is meeting with legislators to fight against faculty participation. Meanwhile President Gottfredson won’t sign the UO constitution that Rob Kyr and the Senate negotiated with Lariviere, he won’t agree to put it in the faculty union contract, and he’s fighting transparency and public records access tooth and nail. I’m sure it’s going down well with the sports boosters at the foundation, who will soon pack the UO Board of Trustees. Last year the UO Foundation spent $2.2M on need-based scholarships, $8.7M on athletic scholarships, and who knows how much on lobbyists. 4/8/2013.


  1. Old Man 04/09/2013

    As long as the UO is under the State Board, its Constitution is in force. Prexy’s signature is not needed to make it so. If he wants to change the Constitution, he will need ratification by the Faculty.But why should he want to change it? It’s a fine Constitution, designed to promote constructive interaction within a defined framework.
    However, care should be taken to see that Local Boards honor Constitutions in the same manner — by legislating that any changes in a Constitution require ratification by both the President and the Faculty.

  2. COALEMOS 04/09/2013

    Gadzooks, you mean to tell me the money-changers don’t want us common folk sitting on the board that will decide the fate of the University of Oregon? I’m speechless.

    We better wake up.

  3. Dreamer55 04/09/2013

    It sounds like one of the purposes of the new board is to sell control of the institution to the highest, best connected bidders (donors).

    Assuming that the exclusion of faculty from the board is intended to prevent conflicts of interest, I wonder why the owners and agents of local contractors (many of whom do very well by the UO) are not similarly excluded?

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