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Moffitt piles on more reserves, still not enough for raises.

5/19/13: From, the March 31 Quarterly Management Report. Free UO Matters coffee cup to UO Controller Kelly Wolf if he will explain the extra $99M in income that popped up this year. Anyway, it looks like reserves were up again last quarter.

In March Moffitt walked out on the faculty bargaining team when they asked her about UO’s reserves, 15.8% at the time. She stalled and came back a few weeks later, saying that was if anything too low – even though OUS’s recommended upper limit is 15%. For a comparison, OSU’s reserves are 8.4%. That means UO has about $63M more than OSU squirreled away for a rainy day.

I’ve met OSU’s former VPFA Mark McCambridge, who just retired. He struck me as a fairly prudent fellow. (And, in contrast to Moffitt, a strong believer in transparency.) Yet Moffitt says UO can’t can’t afford an extra $12M to fund the difference between the admin and union raises proposals? Hmm.


The good news: When UO has its own board, VPFA Moffitt will no longer have to make excuses to the state. The bad news: When UO has its own board there will be no way for the faculty to find out what’s going on with the UO budget, except with public records requests which Moffitt will respond to like this:

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