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PAC-12 boss jock gets $3M to "drive the academic mission"

5/19/2013: You can’t make this shit up. Rachel Bachman has the story in the WSJ on PAC-12 commissioner Larry Scott’s earnings:

Scott took home a $1,376,000 bonus in addition to a base salary of $1,575,000 and other compensation of $71,462. … Scott said that owning its networks helps the Pac-12 “drive the academic mission in terms of promoting a broad array of Olympic sports, promoting campus content and promoting the brands of our universities in ways that would not be possible in my view if someone else is controlling your network.”

The players still get paid nothing, UO’s students are still paying millions in hidden subsidies, and the whole thing is subsidized by billions – well, at least a few billions – of state and federal tax-deductions. Here’s the illustrated version of the sorry state of public finance in our country:

And then there’s the UO Foundation, which does the money laundering for the Ducks – all to support UO’s tax deductible academic mission, of course. These are donations for current operations. CEO Paul Weinhold won’t release the breakdown for capital gifts and endowments.


  1. Anonymous 05/20/2013

    I have a hard time reading charts. How does the academic money from the foundation, compare to the money the state pays us? I heard someone say the foundation and donors should be on the board because they pay more than the state?

    And in the end if it is based on who pays, what would be the makeup of the board? I would guess it would be something like 4 students (and parents?), 3 researchers and federal grants, 2 from the state, and one person probably from the sports department representing all the foundation.


  2. Anonymous 05/20/2013

    “I have a hard time reading charts.”

    There’s an online course for that. And if you take enough courses online, you can graduate and print out your diploma, all from home!

    However, you might want to wait until UO launches “UO Online”, the one-stop vibrant and diversified university where everyone achieves. You can pay in installments but if you pay in full, UO will gladly offer you a discounted sports pass to softball, golf, lacross and tennis. What a deal!

  3. Peter Keyes 05/20/2013

    What’s with New Hampshire? Was it taken over by Canada when we weren’t looking?

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