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OUS board give UO cops guns, raises UO student’s tuition to pay for them.

6/22/2013: Two stories from Eder Campuzano in the ODE: GunsTuition. How much will the conversion to an armed UOPD cost overall? Frances Dyke told the legislature it would be something like $66K. At one point she told the students and faculty it would save $76K.

Jamie Moffitt won’t explain what happened – she walked out of the meeting where I tried to get an answer – but my quesstimate is closer to $1-$2 million a year in new costs, recurring. The lesson? Never believe the numbers that come out of the VPFA’s office.

In utterly unrelated news, VP for enrollment Roger Thompson has an op-ed in the RG on UO’s efforts to keep college affordable.


  1. Anonymous 06/22/2013

    New rule: if you are among the highest paid administrators on a college campus and you aren’t proposing ways to lower administrative costs, you cannot publicly bloviate about ways to keep college affordable.

    • Anonymous 06/22/2013

      I can easily get behind that. Who among them is not paid better than faculty, though, which should be the mark.

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