Bowerman on Duck plans to cut off local businesses

7/2/2013: Tom Bowerman in the RG letters, on an issue which has attracted a lot of criticism about where Rob Mullens is taking UO:

My father, a former track coach at the university, was a moonlight developer of apparel worn by various university athletes. The designs eventually contributed to forming a small business. This enterprise was once tiny but went on to become a fairly significant contributor to the university. If the new acquisition rule had been in place back then, the outcome would probably have been different. More importantly, my dad believed in equal access and developing local skills rather than chasing bucks and a few big names. I’m quite certain he would not be pleased by this rule.

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5 Responses to Bowerman on Duck plans to cut off local businesses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Mullens/Gottfredson/Moffitt are deaf to these concerns. No doubt it’s awkward when the Bowerman name comes into play, but they are well versed at ignoring such please. I have complete faith that they wil not blink, but will quickly send a stock email to Tom Bowerman reaffirming their commitment to yada yada yada and whatnot. We’re among the best in the world and stuff, you know.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Bowerman invokes contributions to UO of a company co-founded by his late father.

    Maybe the RG should ask Tom Bowerman’s business partner what he thinks of the Ducks’ move!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Speaking of “where Rob Mullens is taking UO”, the next big, maybe huge, criticism will come in a couple months when football fans head to Autzen and see what they’ve done to the facilities. Take a drive around it and see how effectively they destroy others’ work and legacies for the sake of certain egos and those vaunted recruits.

    As if the new black, opaque football complex monstrosity and practice fields enclosed behind a solid black basalt wall weren’t bad enough, they’ve painted the Casanova and Moshofsky Centers all matte black and blinged them out with metal grillwork while leaving the green metal roofs. Even the field lights and poles for the new practice fields are all black. The north side sky suites? Also painted black. Will they stage another performance art failure by painting the south side black as well?

    Overall effect: hideously bizarre. Creepy.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Does it also work the other way round? My wife owns a small business. If she DOESN’T qualify as a licensed apparel supplier – could she bill $500k to the UO?
    … tempting ….