Do the math, President Gottfredson, and replace PLC

9/15/2013: As one of his last official acts as president, Frohnmayer signed a secret MOU with AD Pat Kilkenny, promising that the academic side would start paying the jocks $300K a year for the right to use the Presidential Skybox at Autzen, and another $468K a year to help with the Matt Court Arena land bonds.

Current 30 year Muni rates are about 4.5%, so redirecting those $64,000 a month payments to the academic side would finance a $12.6M dollar academic building. Take the ~$2M a year we’re paying to run the Jock Box back from the jocks, and you’re talking about a $46M building. Enough to replace PLC?

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2 Responses to Do the math, President Gottfredson, and replace PLC

  1. Anonymous says:

    Amen brother–time to replace PLC. It is embarrassing that faculty are sitting in these tiny, un-airconditioned offices while the football players lockers are much more fabulous. And then they have the Jacqua Center. and new uniforms each game. And our journal subscriptions are cut from the library. And their parking spots are airconditioned, or some such. Or so the students like to point these discrepancies out every time they come to office hours in PLC.
    They really can’t believe it. If it is that glaringly obvious to them–and they are paying tuition–why can’t the administration see the problem???

  2. Anonymous says:

    The top admins see the problem, they just don’t care. They’ve got more important things like keeping their salaries above their peers at other schools, money for their Beamers, office renovations, building their bloated staffs to do their work, reserved parking spaces paid out of their office slush funds, ensuring that there will be money for their families to attend away games and retirement golden parachutes, etc.