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Update: Latest Rudnick, Kraemer, and Julius invoices for union bargaining

9/17/2013: UO’s GC Randy Geller is hard at work, building trust between President Gottfredson and the faculty with these latest redactions:

8/7/2013: Full pdf here. It took 2 months, $214.50, and a petition to Lane County District Attorney Alex Gardner to get UO General Counsel Randy Geller to produce these. Contributions are welcome at the link on the right. These redactions look rather random and, given the extent to which the administration has talked about these issues in public, unlikely to be protected under attorney-client privilege.

The Rudnick invoices include $14K or so a month for “consultants”. Presumably that’s for Dave Frohnmayer’s former assistant and current HLGR lobbyist Marla Rae, for ghostwriting Barbara Altmann’s fact-checks and negotiating reports. No idea why we’re still paying the Kraemer firm – Berdahl had hired them for union-busting, we saw how that worked out. Dan Julius is a moderate, presumably advising the administration on how to cut a deal with the union.

Comments welcome, I’ll have details later. Meanwhile, it looks like the administration is paying about $100K a month to outside lawyers and consultants to do the bargaining with the faculty union.


  1. Anonymous 08/07/2013

    Nothing screams professionalism like a $14K invoice delivered via Gmail.

  2. Anonymous 09/17/2013

    My god, no wonder they say they don’t have money for faculty or staff salaries. You could buy 3 staff for $100,000, let alone month after month.

  3. Anonymous 09/18/2013

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    • UO Matters 09/18/2013

      I’ve deleted the post above, because while it did include a personally insulting related attack on me having to do with goats, it failed to include the obligatory cuss word.

  4. Anonymous 09/18/2013

    Dear “my god”, check out what your union is paying their lawyers before you complain. Lawyers are expensive. And UO matters figures are wrong 90% of the time…..

    • UOM speaking for himself, not UAUO 09/18/2013

      Our local is paying the AAUP’s Mike Mauer, and local attorney Mike Tedesco nothing for their work. Same with the many faculty volunteers on the bargaining team.

      When UAUO signs a contract with the UO administration we will start collecting dues (<= 1.25%) to support the local and also to pay "per-caps" to the state and national AAUP and AFT organizations. They will use some portion of those to help us with contract enforcement, the next round of bargaining, and presumably also new organizing efforts at other universities. From what I can tell the UAUO local does not have any sort of explicit or implicit debt to the AAUP or AFT for the many hours of time their attorney’s and staff have put into bargaining the contract, etc. I don’t know Mr. Tedesco’s hourly rate for AFT/AAUP work, but it ain’t close to Rudnick’s $300.

    • Anonymous 09/18/2013

      BAH – HUMBUG!

      The only reason UO Matters figures might be “wrong 90% of the time” is because MG’s, Mofitt’s, Gleason’s, Rudnick’s etc numbers are wrong 100% of the time when they are asked about them publicly (‘The well is dry’ – lol).

      Didn’t we just hear through the Dept. Heads retreat UO has ca. 100 mill in reserves?

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