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Ducks humiliate Huskies by 381 points!

That would be Duck President Mike Gottfredson, in dollars of pay per $1M of university revenue, compared to Husky President Mike Young:

The Husky faculty, on the other hand, took the Ducks by 13 points:


  1. Anonymous 10/12/2013

    Stand by for anonymous commenters making unsubstantiated claims about benefits packages in 3… 2…

    • Anonymous 10/12/2013

      Don’t try to squelch discussion

    • Anonymous 10/12/2013

      Honest attemtps at valuating total compensation including benefits is very welcome in these parts. If you disagree with someone’s analysis, you’re welcome to explain why and on what factual basis.

  2. honest Uncle Bernie 10/12/2013

    You can easily find with google that UW pension benefits have a range of 5 – 10% graded by age, average about 7.5%. They have a slightly better vesting policy than UO. As I’ve endlessly demonstrated here, UO pension benefits average about 17% with variation depending on Tier and whether you’re in PERS or ORP.

    Compare the salaries and add in the pension differences and they just about cancel. Take into account that UW has engineering faculty in the mix — medical school too? — and maybe UO comes out ahead. Especially taking into account the considerably higher cost of living in Seattle. So UO looking pretty good to me this week, on the field and in the faculty lounge.

  3. Anonymous 10/13/2013

    Bernie, why confuse the issue with facts and logic?

    • UO Matters 10/13/2013

      I’m just reporting the raw score – not trying to make those tricky for home field advantage corrections. Any thoughts on the logic for Gottfredson’s pay?

    • Anonymous 10/13/2013

      Are you suggesting an appropriate salary for MG is $113,000/yr? Because that is what your logic is suggesting.

    • UO Matters 10/13/2013

      I’m not assuming linearity and and intercept at the origin. What’s your suggestion?

    • Anonymous 10/13/2013

      This Anonymous (top of thread) does not know the thinking of the people who negotiated with and hired Gottfredson. Perhaps Bernie will have some thoughts on the matter.

      Am glad Bernie keeps coming back to explain the value of our benefits. He certainly has tremendous patience. Perhaps he just takes pleasure in the exercise of a very able stiff left jab.

      For him, the work is not so tricky — at least, he makes it look easy!

    • UO Matters 10/13/2013

      Bernie, I really appreciate your comments, which are usually informative and get people thinking. But it’s generally considered bad form to respond to your own comments, under a different name.

    • Anonymous 10/13/2013


  4. Anonymous 10/13/2013

    Comp for Ed Ray and Wim Wievel must set rough boundaries.

    With the firing of Lariviere, I wonder if Gottfredson was able to drive a harder bargain on salary. A certain risk factor built into the calculation? With that and the ongoing unionization drive, UO must have been kind of a tough sell.

    • vlad 10/13/2013

      Fair enough, but imagine a candidate savvy enough to find out that recent administrators prior to RL and immediately after had lost the confidence and trust of the faculty and started out with just a few gestures to begin to rebuild trust and indicate that he understood. For example, by negotiating a his compensation at the same percent of comparators as other full profs at the UO, with raises tied to measures of academic and financial success, including narrowing the pay/compensation gap relative to comparators. We can argue what that gap actually is, but that’s another issue. If MG did not think he could succeed, then he did not deserve an offer and should have declined. Could not resist grabbing a sharp pole again.

  5. honest Uncle Bernie 10/13/2013

    Hard for me to judge Gottfredson’s deal. I can’t find his total comp e.g. at Chronicle to compare with AAU “comparators” I think he will have to be here another year to make the list. From UOMatters, it looked to me once like he was right about in the middle, like the faculty, but without “official” compensation figures at Chronicle, hesitate to say.

    The U. pres compensation figures at Chronicle look all over the map in terms of equity. The UC chancellors definitely seem on the low side. A lot of the figures make little sense to me in terms of “equity,” much like individual (as opposed to aggregate) faculty salaries at UO.

    Only Berdahl and maybe someone at OUS knows what UO could attract and what it would cost after the Lariviere fiasco. I heard that we were lucky to get Gottfredson (from a friend at Irvine).

    Has he/will he deliver? The word is that UO is on 4year probation at AAU. Did he work this out instead of outright ejection? Will he somehow manage to keep us in? That to me and the inputs into that AAU decision is the big question. That and how things go with the Phil Knight fortune. Time will tell.

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