More pablum from President Gottfredson


We have a tremendous opportunity now to elevate the UO’s position among the finest research universities in the world and affirm our promise of access and excellence. Together, we must seize this opportunity to focus intently on the pursuit of discovery and innovation at the highest levels; to guarantee the degrees our students earn carry the weight of significant achievement and the power of a reputation that distinguishes us among our peers; to ensure that the acquisition of a UO degree remains within reach for Oregon students; and to continue to bring the best minds in the world to Oregon to enhance the quality of life for everyone.

From Thanks to a skeptical alumnus for the link.

And speaking of skepticism, here’s a piece from pro publica on the general move by state universities away from state control:

“Some of these flagships would like to make decisions that benefit their own financial future and give them the ability to build posh dining halls or giant stadiums or create new nanotechnology centers,” Garland said, “when what really may be more needed than that is simply providing a high-quality rigorous college education for legions of students in the state who can’t afford that now and have no place to go and get it.”

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19 Responses to More pablum from President Gottfredson

  1. Anonymous says:

    How does someone that high placed consistently use so many words to say so little?

    • Anonymous says:

      He’s emulating a past master — Dave F!

    • Anonymous says:

      How else can he earn his obscene salary, now that the UO is semi-private?, talking from both sides of his mouth, obfuscating big time. Anything that won’t get the big shots to replace him. After all, now that the independent board gets to hire and fire the prez., he can’t afford to be truthful.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh yes, back in the old days they could be truthful, look at Olum and Lariviere!

    • Anonymous says:

      “He’s emulating a past master…”

      Stupid characterization. Dave was eloquent. Very few people have his facility with words, spoken or written.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m growing to hate it when he talks.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I am growing to hate the consistent negativity on this blog.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’m growing to hate that Gottfredson has no plans for research or teaching improvements to keep UO in the AAU.

    • Anonymous says:

      how do you know that he doesn’t?

    • Anonymous says:

      Let’s assume he does. You don’t think its a problem that he has been here a year and we have no idea if he has plans for these things or not?

  5. Awesome0 says:

    I like the idea, I think it’d be great for the provost to talk about the strategic direction for future research, recruiting new talent, and retention of current talent.

    Presidents are mainly supposed to bring home the money and fire bad people. So if Gottfredson can raise additional capital, increase our endowment, fire those underperforming (1 down, 2-3 to go), he’ll being do an awesome job.

    Time for the provost to step up their game imho.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I don’t mind negativity or positivity. This blog is invaluable. But I think the word “blather” is unneeded. Let arguments and observations speak for themselves. They are often devastating, and are strengthened when made without the use of hyperbole.

  7. Anonymous says:

    The word in the faculty lounge is that UO has been put on 4 years probation by AAU. This exemplar among the “finest research universities in the world” will be out if there’s not sufficient improvement.

    One thing that AAU has noticed is that UO has a less distinguished undergraduate student body than the AAU norm. Hence perhaps the fact that UO has been bragging that this year’s class has the highest SAT’s ever — 1126, if they are to be believed. In the past, they would have been afraid of the charge of “elitism” even though UO is below such academic standouts as Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri in this department. (This comes from an ACT-SAT conversion, since those schools rely primarily on ACT.)

    Oh, and maybe the fact that OSU came out ahead of UO in SAT in a recent year — if OSU reporting to U.S. News is to be believed.

    • Anonymous says:

      The UO has not been put on probation by the AAU. The AAU does not have a process for putting institutions on probation, which doesn’t even mean anything in this context. The statement above is simply incorrect.

    • Anonymous says:

      Dog says

      roger that, there is no probation mechanism – we may have be warned
      about our poor per capita research output (on paper) but that would be about it

    • Anas clypeata says:

      But what if it’s… DOUBLE SECRET PROBATION?!?!?

    • UO Matters says:

      Comment of the year. Contact me for the heavily redacted public record of your choice.