UO’s Strategic Plan to stay in the AAU?

10/21/2013: President Gottfredson is at the fall AAU meeting now:

Current Schedule  

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 20 AAU meetings, Washington, D.C. 

MONDAY, OCTOBER 21 AAU meetings, Washington, D.C. 

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 22 AAU meetings, Washington, D.C.

2 years ago the AAU kicked out Nebraska, and Syracuse voluntarily left. See below.

In March, UO told our accreditors that President Gottfredson’s goal was to move UO up to the top half of the AAU. Word is that JH is now drafting a Strategic Plan for UO – apparently without much faculty input. Here’s hoping that staying in the AAU is still part of that plan.

Read the full accreditation report here.

5/2/2011: Nebraska, Syracuse out of AAU

I believe this makes UO the marginal institution, for many of the same reasons. Maybe Rice and Brandeis too. Frohnmayer’s disinvestment in faculty and grad students will catch up with us. Lariviere shows no sign of turning it around. Maybe the AAU review committee will be impressed by the jock box and our new police force? Reading the blunt UNL-AAU emails, which the Chronicle got from a public records request here, I sort of doubt it.

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7 Responses to UO’s Strategic Plan to stay in the AAU?

  1. Anonymous says:

    I heard a rumor, no idea if it has any truth, that part of a plan is to increase enrollment significantly. Not sure why this would help or why, if true, it would not be discussed broadly with the faculty. But I have been wondering why so many wealthy people seem to be laying money on enrollment increases through their bets on building expensive student housing.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Best ways to do this.

    1. Generous financial aid to super high quality but poor students. Basically give them full rides.

    2. Generous start up to new professors, making sure our professors have the resources they need to get professional recognition (lots of travel).

    3. More ttf or career NTTF to lower class sizes and improve instruction.

    4. More and better classrooms/office space (we’re looking at you PLC, Gerlinger and Deady)

    5. Generous financial support to recruit a lot more/and better grad students. Grad students should get more research support and reduced classroom assignments.

    6. Better strategic management of class sizes. A reduction of 2 classes of 150 to 3 classes of 100 is a waste because those classes are taught the exact same way. We’d be better offer letting some classes have 150, and reducing some classes from 50 to 30, because going fro, 50 to 30 allows for a different sort of classroom interaction. Some of these discussions should be happening at the department, but part of it should happen at the admin level as new classroom buildings are discussed.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Doesn’t ESPY usually represent us to the AAU? Does that mean she’s on the way out??

    At least it says she represents us to the AAU on her website.


  4. flyonawall says:

    What I’d really like to know is what is going to happen with internal funding for research, travel, graduate student funding (both on compensation and the number of students) and seed money to help get larger grants.

    I appear to hearing very mixed messages from the admins. On one side they say we’re completely broke and the well is dry so to speak (regarding salaries). On the other side I hear this is a watershed moment, that private donations have never been higher and that a ton of private donors are just waiting for the independent board to shower us with gifts.

    Which is it? Or is both? Salaries will be what they are going forward but research support is going to go through the roof?

    Perhaps one way to flesh this out is with a five year plan. And sharing this five year plan as soon possible with people making decisions with deadlines would be extremely in understanding the academic future of the UO.

  5. Mr. Peeve says:

    Just having the double strike at the end of every sentence should be enough to prove how idiotic UO is, and be grounds for immediate ejection.

    • Anas clypeata says:

      And I’m sure the unhyphenated “thirty two” didn’t bother you, Mr. P. It sure didn’t bother me…. (taking a deep breath).

      Please, Johnson Hall, hire a copy editor. Please. This is not the first time.