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Ducks beat Utes by 23 points

11/17/13 update: A commenter points out that I was misinformed. UO just played the U of Utah, not USU. Whatever. I’ve added the UU data.


  1. Anonymous 11/17/2013

    Actually, Oregon football played University of Utah football today, not Utah State

    • UO Matters 11/17/2013

      Seriously? Those are the Utah State numbers. Oh well, Gleason’s fact check will fix it.

  2. awesome0 11/17/2013

    Also I hear vegas spots utah schools a year and a half on graduation rates for some weird reason.

  3. er .. the scorerer 11/17/2013

    Well, you did get the winning margin correct.

  4. honest Uncle Bernie 11/17/2013

    The Utah graduation rates, if accurate, are lousy compared to UO, especially considering the higher SAT scores at Utah.

    Looks to me like Utah faculty salaries may be better than UO if you include pension benefits, which are good at Utah — 14.2% paid by the school — better than UO Tier 3 (~ 12%) but worse than UO Tier 1 (~22.5%). professors.

    But Utah has medicine, dentistry, engineering, pharmacy. (See the much higher Utah core revenue, which probably reflects this.) What are the comparisons if you compare apples to apples? I bet UO comes out ahead.

    • awesome0 11/17/2013

      Adjust for Mormon missions and they improve a lot.

    • honest Uncle Bernie 11/17/2013

      Interesting idea that I would never have thought of — the first year retention rates are virtually identical.

    • awesome0 11/17/2013

      Yes, but I but most mormon missionaries defer enrollment and start their second year 2 years after that. But do they graduate within 4 years of starting school..almost no one does (except for the non-mormon or non-mission population which is growing at the U). That’s why the rate improves so much on the 6 year graduation measure, which really can in some ways be compared to UO’s 4 year graduation measure (except for the fact that not all people at the U go on missions, until recently it was mostly men).

  5. Uncle Bernie 11/17/2013

    Seriously though, UO handled Utah rather easily, while Utah beat Stanford, which beat Oregon, which was followed by the notorious picture of Uncle Phil at Alabama wearing the ‘Bama jacket. Something wrong with this picture — why does UO get fucked in the head whenever they play Stanford? Is it because deep down they know that Stanford is better in the ways that count? Is it because deep down they fear that good old Uncle Phil will leave all his money to Stanford and OHSU and maybe ‘Bama? Is it because deep down they know their pigskin palace is ridiculous? I won’t even go into more sinister possibilities — who knows who might be reading? Mutter, mutter.

    • observer 11/18/2013

      No mystery. No magic.
      “why does UO get fucked in the head whenever they play Stanford?”

      Answer = out coached

  6. honest Uncle Bernie 11/17/2013

    By the way, pathetic that UOM didn’t know who the Ducks were playing. (I assume UOM knows the difference between Utah State U. and U. Utah.) Where’s your Duck spirit? I think a rep from the UO Foundation should be visiting soon to help you out. Honest!

    • UO Matters 11/17/2013

      Yea, I’ve given talks at both schools, and I spent a year doing seismic surveys NE of Logan with a crew of Utahns. So I got no excuse whatsoever.

  7. Anonymous 11/21/2013

    Just so we are clear, this week is University of Arizona in Tucson

  8. UO Matters 11/21/2013

    Thanks – vs. UO or OSU? And is this baseball, or is football still being waged?

    • sports tutor 11/21/2013

      sigh … oh well

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