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Ducks tie Beavers in Civil War!

11/29/2013: Too close to call. The Ducks spend 61% more on athletics and 19% more on our bloated central administration, but the Beavers spend 100% more on research.

IPEDS data from:

Helfrich contract here – maybe this slim win will keep the Duck boosters from blowing $6.4M on buying his contract out early?

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  1. honest Uncle Bernie 11/30/2013

    Now, now, where are the faculty salary data? The higher UO spending on Instruction with fewer FTE students must go somewhere.

    Would be interesting to compare central administration as % of total budget.

    And I will leave it to others to compare pension benefits, housing allowance, retirement incentives, sabbatical policies, teaching loads, faculty disgruntlement indices, etc. etc. LOL!

    Prediction: If the Ducks lose this one, Phil will have the Pigskin Palace shuttered.

    Oh, and let’s see those SAT scores too.

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