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President backs faculty concerns about governance, transparency

11/19/2013: That would be SJSU President Mohammad Qayoumi, asking for guidance from the CA State Chancellor’s office. reports from their Senate:

“A series of conflicts over the last year has highlighted issues related to communication and transparency, has opened serious rifts in our shared sense of community, and has contributed to extremely low morale,” the resolution reads. “A fresh look at the SJSU situation from outside the campus could help to diagnose problems and identify solutions.

… “Today’s Senate discussion revealed a desire for more transparency about our priorities and explored questions about some aspects of university governance,” Qayoumi said. “As I said during the meeting, communication is the basis for effective governance.

Here at UO, President Gottfredson has passed these issues off to his widely despised General Counsel, Randy Geller. And where’s our Senate? 

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