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UO and OSU enrollment

11/15/2013: Comprehensive story in the RG, comparing UO and OSU, here:

The plan is to grow the Corvallis campus to 28,000 students, up by about 75 students; increase enrollment at OSU’s Bend campus to 5,000 students, up from 936; grow the online student population to about 7,000 students; and increase the Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport from a handful of students today to 500 in the future. 

At the UO, meanwhile, Thompson said he doesn’t know when the university hopes to grow again. 

“I don’t know that that’s any where on the horizon,” Thompson said. “There’s so many things the university needs to sort out before we think about growth — that’s quite a way off.”

For once there’s nothing about the wonderful influence of Duck Football on enrollment and how it justifies more athletics subsidies. Perhaps that’s because UO’s admissions yield rate, the % of admitted students that actually enroll, has fallen from 36% in 2004 to 26% in 2012. Makes you wonder how the administration is going to justify this year’s bowl game junkets?

And don’t miss this Steve Duin post on enrollment of undocumented immigrant Oregon high school graduates at Oregon universities, with in-state tuition. UO had the most, but that was only 12.


  1. Old Grey Mare 11/15/2013

    Wasn’t there also a comment about OSU having hired and additional 180 TT faculty in the last three years?

  2. Awesome0 11/15/2013

    Maybe the admin has figured out to stop putting the cart before the horse.

    Build some infrastructure, hire more TTF or career NTTF, then think about expansion.

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