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Ducks made $115M, spent $95M, still won’t pay for Jock Box?

Athletic Department salaries now total $35M, versus roughly $70M for all UO tenure track faculty.

From the just released Moss Adams audit of their books, here:

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 1.10.29 AM

Looks like the UO Foundation is laundering $47M of Duck Athletic Foundation money. All to promote UO’s academic mission, I’m sure.


  1. Canaduck 01/27/2014

    Student incidental fees just cover the medical expenses for the entire department.

    “We did not recalculate direct institutional support totals as none were reported in the Schedule” –> so CAS subsidies weren’t evaluated.

    Compared to FY 2011, revenues then were $86m… a nice 34% increase in two years. Balanced between ticket sales, 3rd party revenues, and NCAA revenue. Surprisingly, about the only expense that changed significantly was “direct facilities”, up $15m — probably thanks to shadow groups like Phit, LLC. Coaching, support, and student financial aid didn’t change much.

  2. honest Uncle Bernie 01/27/2014

    Do the expenses include payments on the arena bonds? If not, the revenue/expenses talley gives a very incomplete picture.

  3. OVA 01/27/2014

    Uncle Bernie transparency would be nice wouldn’ it. The things that jump out here are the expense direct facilities maintenance and rental at $25M, University and related entities for $15M, and $6M for other expenses a total of $46 million or over 90% of the $50 million in expenses.

    Also, assuming the $46 million in contributions is the foundation, which I do not know if it is, why would the foundation kick in an operating profit? and how does this square with that other story about the foundation audit?

  4. Anonymous 01/27/2014

    Has the IAC seen this? Any comments from them?

  5. honest Uncle Bernie 01/28/2014

    It seems like some combination of the senate budget committee, a subcommittee thereof, or the IAC (or a subcommittee of it) would look into this each year. It is not beyond human explanation (in the budget presented by the AD) or understanding (by the appropriate UO committee members).

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