Breaking news on the newly armed UO Police Department

The UO student press has the scoop, here. I’ve raised questions about how the department’s budget ballooned from $3M to $5M in a few years. Frances Dyke, Jamie Moffitt’s predecessor as VPFA, had told UO that guns don’t cost money, guns save money. This awesome investigative story has the answers.

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3 Responses to Breaking news on the newly armed UO Police Department

  1. JoJo says:

    On a more serious note what did happen to all of this money they were supposedly going to save? I did a little digging into who is being paid what and it is clear that there are no savings to be had. The chief of UofO PD is being paid more than the city police chief. UofO PD has a publicist that makes almost $90,000.00 per year. On my walks by there I have seen at least 3 new cars. I really love it when I walk by there and hear the police officers in the parking lot complaining about it all. I wonder if our wonderful Oregon politicians are aware of all this spending because all of this saved money was huge a selling point when the bill was pushed. It is clear that they knew there would be no savings.

  2. Anony says:

    You are aware that QuackD is a newly minted comedy spin-off of the emerald aye?

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