UO fund drive loses another donor to the Duck Athletic Fund

UO’s VP for Development Mike Andreasen has been dropping the ball on a lot of potential academic donations. As the Register Guard explains here, the Duck fundraisers are picking up his fumbles. The ODE has the story on the latest, here. President Gottfredson will explain this all to the UO Senate on Wednesday, 3PM in 115 Lawrence.

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5 Responses to UO fund drive loses another donor to the Duck Athletic Fund

  1. Journistic standards? says:

    Hold up here! From the first link

    “The university said the center’s costs are more than covered by the higher tuition paid by out-of-state athletes, who make up a large majority of student athletes.

    Critics counter that tuition money from athletes should be treated the same as tuition from nonathletes and be used for general campus needs.”

    I am sure this is a misunderstanding. The Athletic department should get absolutely ZERO tuition, unfortunately they already get a few million in student fees. So do they get any tuition or is this just an unfortunate UO Journalism graduate.

    And if it is just some bs admin argument, I would like to use the same argument for my lectures with a few hundred students, I want my wages doubled because the under-prepared out out of state students tuition in a single class pays my salary three or four times over.

  2. Weinhold Bean Gottfredson says:

    “Paul Weinhold, president of the UO Foundation, said the gift was established with the broad purpose of supporting the operations of the Jaqua Center. He said that could be either building operations or the programs offered there.”

    So who made the call to use the money for the athletics costs, instead of the programs costs paid out of the Provost’s budget. Bean or Gottfredson?

    • uomatters says:

      I’m guessing this was Bean’s call. I brought it up in the IAC last year. Rob Mullens got very angry and wouldn’t explain why he was getting the money instead of using it for the tutoring costs.

      When I followed up with a email question, he accused me of “creating a disrespectful workplace.”

      • Curious says:

        In the spirit of UOM, can you post the email you sent to Mullens, so we can be the judge of whether it was disrespectful or not? Or should we just take your word for it?

        • uomatters says:

          Can’t find that one, but here’s a more recent exchange:

          From: Rob Mullens
          Subject: Re: social media, AD’s exit interview forms
          Date: December 18, 2013 at 7:20:07 AM PST
          To: William Harbaugh
          Cc: “[email protected]

          Professor Harbaugh,

          You consistently create the most hostile work environment I have ever experienced. Your constant attempts to bully and harass may make me appear to sound different than usual.


          [In reply to:]

          On Dec 17, 2013, at 5:34 PM, “Bill Harbaugh” wrote:

          Hi Rob

          I’d appreciate it if you could get us a copy of that exit interview form before we forget about it.

          FWIW, the contract for your former “Professional Development Coordinator” Tom Hart, who was tasked among other things with monitoring athletes’ social media use, is here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/971644/uomatters/IAC/Hart%20contract%20and%20job%20201204.pdf Currently this seems to be one of the responsibilities of Jody Syke: http://jobs.uoregon.edu/unclassified.php?id=4291

          As I said in the meeting I don’t think it’s unreasonable about you keeping an eye on your players, given the money at stake, and UO’s reputation. I am a little curious as to why you got so defensive about the tweets. I think it would be a problem if your staff helped encourage the snowball fight, and then let it get out of control. But I trust you’ve looked into that.

          Bill Harbaugh