President Margie Paris slams Geller’s sneak attack on shared governance

As posted on the Senate website, here:

Obviously, this is an important foundational document for our new system of governance, and it has direct implications to the shared governance work of the Senate and its constituencies. Yet none of us among those constituencies was aware of or had read this document until the Board’s agenda was made public this Monday. Thus it would be both helpful and a sign of good will if we were to be given some time to collect our input and provide it to you. I’m confident that the input will make this a better foundational document, and that the process of inviting our input will serve as a very positive first interaction between the Board and the campus community.

These are the comments Paris read to the UO Board last Friday about GC Randy Geller’s attempted power grab. UO Board faculty rep Susan Gary (Law) helped write Randy’s “Delegation of Authority” policy. But Gary never told Paris, the Senate, or the faculty about it. WTF?

After hearing the careful explanation of John Bonine (Law) the board rejected Geller’s proposal, and instead approved this placeholder motion, while agreeing to consult with the Senate on a replacement.

I’ll keep you updated on developments. Or you can check out the official report on “Around the O”, which reads like something from the North Korean Office of Strategic Communications.

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5 Responses to President Margie Paris slams Geller’s sneak attack on shared governance

  1. Liang Qichao says:

    Nice work, Margie, especially with the quotes from Stanley Fish. A real straight-shooting intervention.

    And kudos to the Board too. It doesn’t take a panel of rocket scientists to look at the admin’s information constipation and ask: WTF? Let’s hope some common sense oversight helps matters.

  2. Hen says:

    Yes. Thank you Margie. And John and Sam for also pointing out the lack of faculty input to the Board. And the Board for listening.
    I was surprised to learn from “Around the O” that it was actually MG himself that suggested getting faculty input before finalizing the governance policy.
    “Based on a suggestion from UO President Michael Gottfredson, the policy motion approved also included a specific process to solicit and gather input from all campus constituencies, working with the University Senate to gather that input for submission to the Board of Trustees by the June meeting.”
    And here I was thinking that suggestion came from Margie, Sam, John and others. I can hardly wait to read the minutes.

    • Che says:

      Is it not typically in a revolution and change of power to behead the existing power structure and bring in your own people?

      Of course unless that was the first time MG saw the document then surely he had concerns of the past 12 months while they were writing it?

      perhaps the entire admin needs to be moved on starting with your legal council, hire your own board secretary, and perhaps a president.

      • uomatters says:

        Behead is a bit strong, Che. I’ll assume it’s a simile.

      • dude says:

        What revolution? What change of power?? The existing power structure, administratively, is trying it’s best to remain in control. MG is just a convenient and superficial, sacrificial prayer flag blowing in the wind.

        Power resides within those who take it by force, or by those who boldly assume it by their powers given. The Senate and the Constitution are prime.