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Business school does “360 degree” review of Dean, posts all comments

Last updated on 04/14/2014

No, of course I’m not talking about UO and our B-School Dean Kees de Kluyver. This is for Eastern Michigan. Survey responses here. Seems like a constructive exercise.

Will this ever happen for UO administrators? Maybe. After a secret performance review of President Gottfredson last spring – the Senate wasn’t even told it was being done – the OUS Board extended his contract through July 2016. As the RG editorial board noted last summer about Gottfredson’s lackluster first year at UO:

“And if a president proves lacking in either vision of his own or the ability to execute the vision of others, the board can replace him.”

Fortunately, as the editors also note, we now have an excellent independent board:

“These people won’t be content to be figureheads. They will expect the UO to perform as the state’s leading institution of learning and research, and as a primary engine for Oregon’s civic, cultural and economic development. All of them have achieved their various types of success through careful investments of their money, time and energy. Now they’re investing a part of their lives in the UO, demonstrating a commitment to the university and a faith in its potential.

And fortunately UO’s Trustees are indeed taking charge and planning a new review for Gottfredson. Here’s hoping it involves an open process, along the lines of what other universities do.

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